Woman's leadership

As woman of today we must take a stand and fight for what is worth living for. We might be women and people might as well think that we are not capable of with standing a challenge. It's now that ladies who have graduated from Universities tend to be housewives, thinking that the rule of the previous tradition still exists. Woman in leadership are mostly bias by the community.
Why can't we invent a new role of being future leaders as woman? Presumably we can! Because taking from the first Black woman who drove a train and the first woman as a President (Marma Estela, the president of Argetina).

We have learnt how to create our own websites using CSS and different tags, that was quite exciting.We take this camp as a good opportunity because we have learnt so many things such as how to link CSS to other websites, it was our first time to hear about them.Moreover we also learnt about the bootStrap which is the world's most popular framework for building responsive,mobile-first site,with bootStrap and a template starter page.

The project taught us about team work because we had to work together in our project.This Girls Coding Camp also brought girls come together from different schools to get to know each other and look things in a different perspective. On day one we made this project on how we could transport electricity by creating personality cards using and the project was a success;

  • personality cards
  • copper paper(fillings)
  • batteries
  • small bulbs

Contact Details: mgmakakole@gmail.com